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Bajkonur, Earth

a longing for the stars, as seen through kids’ eyes

For centuries and centuries only few brave caravan routers and merchants dared to cross by camel that ocean of dry land and dry grass that the Kazakh desert is: there was no place to rise a city, there was nothing worth fighting for. It has always been like this; since the dawn of times, until in 1953 a nameless portion of desert, on the shores of Syd Darya river was invaded by an “alien” specie of which all the locals only heard about, since it appeared they were their governors, but that only few of them managed to see in person: the Russians.

The Russians noticed in that slice of dry land something very special that none of the locals noted: it was far from everything but in turn only two steps away from the universe. Far from their families and their land the soviet scientists began to the most utopic and ambitious project in the history of humankind: explore the depths of space.



TITLE: Bajkonur, Earth

GENRE: Documentary
ORIGINAL VERSION: English / Russian / Kazakh
FORMAT: 4K Digital
PRODUCER: Andrea Gori, Claudio Esposito
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Lumen Films, The Piranesi Experience, Rai Cinema
DIRECTOR: Andrea Sorini
SYNOPSIS and SCRIPT: Andrea Sorini and Eliseo Acanfora
SCRIPT SUPERVISOR: Michelangelo Frammartino


Director Andrea Sorini
Screenplay by Andrea Sorini and Eliseo Acanfora
Producer Andrea Gori, Claudio Esposito
Line Producer Vlad Ketkovich
Production Manager Fabio Paolucci
Coordinator Aurora Alma Bartiromo
Dop Gabriele De Palo
Sound Engineers Michelangelo Marchese, Paolo Giuliani
Music by Carlo Purpura


Two Human Beings, far one from the other, meet: the first and carefree day at the swimming pool, the last and dramatic step of a massacre’s plan.




Original title: Acquario
International title: Aquarium
Director: Lorenzo Puntoni
Screenplay: Lorenzo Puntoni, Andrea Paolo Massara, Federico Gnesini
Script: Lorenzo Puntoni, Andrea Paolo Massara, Federico Gnesini
Director of Photography: Jury Fantigrossi
Editing: Davide La porta
Sound: Fabio Fortunati
Scenography: Marta Marrone
Costumes: Angela Tommassicchio
Makeup: Laura Cacciapaglia
Special Makeup: Angelo Pace
General Organization: Vincenzo De Marco
Producers: Andrea Gori, Angelo Troiano
Executive production: Lumen Films , Mediterraneo Cinematografica
Production: Lumen Films , Mediterraneo Cinematografica
Country of production: Italia
Location: Lazio, Puglia
Distribution: Elenfant Film
Script supervisor: Silvia Scarpello
Sound Designer: Fabio Fortunati
Original Soundtrack: Maurizio Bergmana
Cast: Mauro Conte, Marina Savino, Tomas Iaia
Language: Italiano
Date: gg/mm/aaaa
Year: 2018
Lenght: 15
Camera: Alexa
Recording format:
Video Format: Alexa
Shooting Format: 4K Film
Exhibition Format: DCP, File Apple Prores
Sound: dolby SR
Aspect Ratio: 2:1


Alex is almost forty years old, he’s gone through a detoxification, but his father, who has always been there for him, fears that his son could do it again. Especially now that he has to say goodbye to his dog, the only thing that matters to him.




TITLE: Monsters
GENRE: Drama
RUNNING TIME: 15 minutes
YEAR: 2016
FORMAT: 4K Digital
PRODUCER: Andrea Gori
DIRECTOR: Adriano Giotti
Adriano Giotti e Nataly Beck’s
FESTIVAL: Nomination David di donatello 2017, FICC award Sardinia Film Festival 2017, Honorable mention Visioni Corte Film Festival, Trieste Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival


Alessandro Benvenuti
Federico Rosati


Director: Adriano Giotti
Plot: Adriano Giotti e Nataly Beck’s
Script: Adriano Giotti
Dop: Stefano Usberghi
Editing: Adriano Giotti
Boom Operator: Celeste Frontino
Art director: Simone Siconolfi
Costume designer: Serena Cortellessa
Make-up: Valeria Dominijanni
Production Assistant: Luca Agatensi
Delegate Producer: Aurora Alma Bartiromo
Camera Assistant: Andrea Reitano
Sound mix: Paolo Ballarini
Colorist: Emanuele Pasquet

A vuoto

At a gas station surrounded by the woods, in the middle of nowhere, Fulvio and Gloria, two souls born to be together, will live the adventure of their lives.

They say that everyone has only one chance to experience something extraordinary. Well, this is their night. A night for Fulvio to overcome the emptiness that he feels inside and to win his girl back, but also the night of the most terrific sight ever seen on earth: the explosion of a gas station.



TITLE: The Void
GENRE: Drama
RUNNING TIME: 15 minutes
YEAR: 2015
FORMAT: 4K Digital
PRODUCER: Andrea Gori
DIRECTOR: Adriano Giotti
PLOT AND SCRIPT: Adriano Giotti
FESTIVAL: Mostra del Cinema di Venezia – “I Love GAI”, Globo d’oro, Visioni Italiane, Riff, Biff, Filmfest Braunschweig


Francesco Maccarinelli
Milly Cultrera di Montesano


Director Adriano Giotti
Plot and Script Adriano Giotti
Script supervisor Alba Lopez
Sound Engineer Emanuele Giunta
Sound editing Emanuele Giunta, Biagio Gurrieri
Costume designer Eleonora Medolla
Art director Matteo Cecconi
Editing Luca Cenname
Dop Sandro Chessa
Music by Teho Teardo
Produced by Andrea Gori and Tommaso Muffato

our team


Andrea Gori is graduated at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Production course, and at the University of Bologna in Cinema, Television and New Media.
He has worked for different production companies such as Fandango, Titanus, Settembrini, Verdoro, Solaria and Moodfilm and, after that, in 2013, he has founded Lumen Films srl and he has produced, among the others, the short movies “Mostri” and “Acquario” and the documentary “Bajkonur, Terra”. Now he’s the CEO of Lumen Films and from the 2015 he also teaches Executive Production at the Ce.S.f.Or. in Rome.

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Aurora Alma

In the 2015 Aurora Alma Bartiromo gets her degree in Artistic Organisation for Business at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, then she enters the Production course at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. She works in different fields of the cinematographic production starting from the development, passing from the set life, to end with the movie’s launch. She’s the Delegate Producer for Lumen Films.

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In the 2005 Maurizio Milo gets his degree in Progeas and a Master for Events Organisation at the University of Florence. The he enters the Production course at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia of Rome. In the 2013 he organises the movie “La terra dei santi”. After that it’s the turn of “Cloro” directed by Lamberto Sanfelice (Sundance and Berlinale selection), “Pecore in erba” directed by Alberto Caviglia, “Ovunque proteggimi” directed by Bonifacio Angius and “L’ospite” directed by Duccio Chiarini. He’s an Executive Producer for Lumen Films.

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about us

Lumen Films

Lumen Films Ltd. is an audio-visual company dealing with audiovisual services, film production, industry service and customer service.
Our company develops and produces various types of audiovisual programming, documentaries, web series, short films and feature films.
We strongly believes that cinema has a dual personality and a dual function - to propose new paths to the curious explorers of life and to excite those who simply have need for recreation and distraction from everyday life.


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